Self-adhesive labels

Self-adhesive paper or plastic film labels,
 packaged on reels or packs.

Made with different printing systems, even combined, to create the most particular products.

Non-adhesive labels

We can provide our customers with multiple types of single cut labels, tags, cable ties and non-adhesive collars.

We produce non-adhesive labels packaged in reels or packs with high quality and efficiency standards.


Multi-page Labels

Piegò are multipage labels that can be used in multiple situations.

These labels can have an adhesive base or be structured as non-adhesive tags, which can be opened and re-closed one or more times.


Special labels

Lamar is able to create and supply special labels with different functions, for example:

  • anti-counterfeiting labels to protect your product;
  • holographic labels;
  • labels with texts and logos detectable with UV lights;

..and so on!